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What is alpaca silver?


Alpaca Silver (Alpacca) refers to an alloy that imitates sterling silver. This bright silvery-grey metal alloy is made up of copper, zinc and nickel and sometimes iron. Alpaca Silver does not contain real silver. The term for this alloy in Mexico , Central America, and South America is Alpaca Silver rather than Nickel Silver. - In 1823 there was a contest among German & Austrian metalwork companies to develop an alloy that most closely appeared similar to visually silver. After the manufacturer, Berndorf AG, trademarked and made popular the brand name Alpacca, this term was used more frequently than the term Nickel Silver. In Germany & Austria and also in Middle and Eastern Europe the term used for this alloy is Alpacca Silver rather than Nickel Silver. It is also commonly called German Silver or Alpacca Silver. - Alpaca Silver, Alpacca Siver, Nickel Silver, and German Silver are all valued collectibles.
One of the big advantages to purchasing Alpaca silver is that it is a hypoallergenic metal. This means that it will cause fewer allergic reactions in people. It does not mean that no one will have an allergic reaction, but it does mean that few people will. If you have a severe allergy to any of the metals in Alpaca silver, you may still be affected and may not be able to wear this type of silver jewelry.
Another advantage is that it is durable and flexible. Many believe that Alpaca silver will tarnish before you even get it home from the store, but this is not true. While it does tarnish quicker than other silver, it will stay shiny and beautiful as long as it is cleaned properly and often. It is actually stronger than other types of silver because it is not made with silver.

Peruvian Jewelry Photo Shoot

Our most recent peruvian jewelry photo shoot featured products such as: Fork bracelets, peruvian stone necklace and earrings set, oversized rings and coins earrings.  Location: Elizabeth F. Gamble Garden, Palo Alto, CAPhotography by JPS photography.

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